What Snacks and Food Can Be Stored At Hostels?

What Snacks and Food Can Be Stored At Hostels?

Snacking In Hostels

Hostel rooms are a place of fun and memories filled with emotions and dramas of life. Those are the golden years of your life. In simple words, it's a home away from your home!

Enjoyment of hostel life is doubled by having snacks or homemade food available in your cupboard for munching anytime. Any hostelite would long for homemade food or snacks.

It is good to store food in hostels at late night as it becomes quite difficult to get food from outside. So what type of food is good to stack at hostel?

Some of the healthy and must have snacks listed for indian students to keep in hostel rooms. We are sure these food items will save you from feeling homesick and keep you feeding in your night starvation.

Before we jump in to the list let us say a big bye, bye to Maggi.

Masala Peanuts

Masala Peanuts as snacks in hostel

Masala peanuts would be the first item in this list to be stored in your hostel room. They neither need any special storage place, nor are too heavy food which can ruin your appetite. Chop a few onions and chillies and mix it with roasted peanuts, this will be a instant seller.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits as snacks in hostel

Dry fruits like cashew, almonds, raisins etc, can be stored for quite a long time. All you need to ensure is that the container is tightly closed every time after use. They are not only tasty, they are even healthier. Some dry fruits like masala kaaju are available in spiced version.

Besan ke Ladoo

Besan ke Ladoo is another yummy item in our list. It is also good for health and can be easily prepared at home. We can always carry them in a jar and store them for a long time. Although such food items wouldn’t last for long – credits goes to our friends!

Fried Poha

Fried poha is a good option for you to try at hostels. The specialty of this food item is that it comes in different tastes and quality. Yet, nothing can beat the ones made at home. It’s up to your taste buds, whether you want to make it sweet or spicy.


Nippattu is another well known food item in our list which serves as a wonderful snack. It's easy to cook at home and contains many healthy ingredients. They can be stored in any ordinary container or jar. They are crunchy and yummy, so dig in whenever required.

What are other innovative snacks do you have in your college hostel. Tell us in the comments section.