Why Eggs are a Super Food? Nutritional Facts About Eggs

Why Eggs are a Super Food? Nutritional Facts About Eggs

Is Egg a Super Food? Facts about Egg Nutrition

You cannot find a food as versatile as Egg. It perfectly fits between the extreme meat eaters and mild meat eaters. Benefits
of egg has created a new group of foodies called eggetarians.

Why is egg so popular?

Eggs are a power house of calories, proteins

Eggs are a cheap (low cost) energy efficient food. It is full of nutrients

protein rich food

Contains vitamin B12. Which is rare in many vegetarian foods

Eggs can be used in almost any recipes. Varieties of cooking methods of Eggs yield dish which is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Just a simple egg omelette with some seasoning makes a great dish. Egg is a universal ingredient for recipes. every culture and nations have used
egg in its cuisines.

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Do you know egg is the main ingredient in baking?

Many people are not aware egg is a primary ingredient in baking and making cakes. softness and sponginess of cakes are byproduct of eggs. Eggs also gives fluffy nature for the baked products.

Nutritional Value of Egg

Let us look at the nutritional facts about eggs. No veggie's can stand against its benefits compared with its price point. For around 4 rupees (year 2016) eggs come up with below nutritional values.

Calories - 72 grams

Saturated Fat - 1.6 grams

Protein - 6.3 grams

vitamin A (good for vision & skin care)

vitamin B12 (good for red blood cells & maintenance of nervous system)

Vitamin D


Eggs are the easy source of protein for body builders. Recent study shows many benefits of eating eggs for people with different needs (kids, women, sports, gyms).

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Now we are aware that each egg we eat, are rich in nutrients, minerals, proteins and vitamins. Make sure to have one egg a day to get the benefits of above nutrients. Eggs are the most economical food which has so many health benefits. Eggs are also recommended for weight loss diet.

With so many health benefits of eggs and plenty of recipes across cuisines, eggs qualify the tag of super food.