Why Jackfruit is a Super Food. Is Jackfruit a diabetic friendly Fruit?

Why Jackfruit is a Super Food. Is Jackfruit a diabetic friendly Fruit?

Jackfruit - The Super Food

Fruits are by far the best bet for a healthy lifestyle. Off late via social media we read benefits of all kind of fruits from apple to zucchini (A - Z of Food). But little we know about J for Jackfruit.

Do You Know Jackfruit is Gluten Free?

Came across this company - Jackfruit365 promoting Jackfruit as a super food. They have mentioned various health benefits of Jackfruit and has also termed it as diabetic friendly fruit.

Let us check upon the nutritional benefits of Jackfruit and on the health claims of these food.

Nutritional Values of Jackfruit:

It is a energy rich fruit with 384kcal per 100 grams. Jackfruit is also rich in fibre. Potasium present in Jackfruit helps regulate blood pressure. It is also a good anti-oxidant and good source of vitamin C.

All the above nutrients makes Jackfruit good for our immunge system and a prevention food for many diseases. They are good for digestion system. Fiber content make it a great natural laxative.

Jackfruit365 a Food Tech Selling jackfruit online

Benefits of Jackfruit:

Apart from usual nutritional benefits, Jackfruit365 highlights the ability of jackfruit to control sugar levels. According to their website data.

Consumption of mature unripe Jackfruit can reduce insulin dependency on patients due to:

Low glycemic index

High dietary fiber especially insoluble fiber

Possible to eat large quantity as a meal and satiate a hungry diabetic patient

Claims made by jackfruit365 are from their research. Summary of the results are available in their website. Squapl team has not verified its claims. So for further details you can reach out to Jackfruit365 team.

Other Benefits of Jackfruit are :

Strengthens the immune system

Prevents anaemia

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Supports treatment of blood clotting

Always keeps the thyroid healthy

Regulates blood sugar level

Prevents osteoporosis

Aids in vision

Regulates blood pressure

Prevents intestinal diseases

Inspite of so many health benefits jack fruit never made to mainstream recipes or never part of any modern cuisines. It remained a seasonal fruit which people enjoy during the season. Part of the reason would be the mess Jackfruit creates in the kitchen. If not properly stored in fridge its aroma will spread to all other food. These subtle difficulties stopped the big Jackfruit to enter our kitchen.

Unlike other fruits Jackfruit is not easy to buy and carry during a grocery purchase. Size and texture of Jackfruit is a issue. But during seasons we do get pealed and cleaned fruits available in packets. Kerala had few good Jackfruit recipes like Jackfruit jam and Jackfruit Payasam.

Jackfruit365 has solved these problems and have ensured Jackfruit reaches our kitchen ready to cook. The team is also innovating recipes and sharing those unique recipes in social media.

When it is food, we Indian's still want them tasty, even though food is healthy.

Hope this super food will add healthy addition to our kitchen menus.