Why Should You Stop Drinking Pepsi or Coke?

Why Should You Stop Drinking Pepsi or Coke?

Stop Drinking Soda - Check out what Happens to Your Body after You Drink Soda

Your health magazine, doctor, friends all advice to avoid drinking Pepsi / Coke or other aerated drinks. If these drinks are so bad for health why are they not yet banned?

Is it just anti - coke or anti - pepsi campaign. Let us set out and collect the information about how bad is drinking coke or pepsi.

A popular youtube video talks about what happens when you drink coke. The video interview explains sequence of events after drinking coke.

Summary of the video - "What happens in the body when you drink Coke or Pepsi"

  • After 10 Minutes: It is estimated that one bottle of carbonated drink has approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar. In general this much quantity of sugar intake in such short time will have a vomiting sensation, body will try to reject sugar. While we drink coke we don't vomit because of ingredient phosphoric acid.
    Phosphoric acid present in coke inhibits vomiting feeling.
    Coca - Cola has officially accepted usage of phosphoric acid in a moderate level but claims it is good for the body. But google results shows phosphoric acid does a lot of damage to humans than good.
  • After 20 minutes: A leap of insulin levels in bloodstream occurs. Increases the work load of liver or pancreas. Insulin turns sugar in to glycogen stores in liver cells.
  • After 40 minutes: Ingestion of caffeine is finally completed. The eye pupils are expanding. Blood pressure rises, because the liver disposes more sugar into bloodstream. The adenosine receptors get blocked, thereby preventing drowsiness.
  • After 45 minutes: Body raises production of dopamine hormone, which stimulates the brain pleasure center. Heroin has the same principle of operation.
  • After 1 hour: Phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in the gastrointestinal tract, which supercharges metabolism. Releasing of calcium through urine also rises. After more than 1 hour: Diuretic effect of the drink enters in “the game”.

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Multiple actions happen within one hour of drinking coke. Phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in the gastrointestinal tract, which supercharges metabolism. Needed minerals such as calcium,
magnesium, sodium and water content as urine. This leads to dehydration and thirst.

We all know sugar is addictive. But we are OK to have an additional spoon of sugar even when we have diabetes. Addiction levels of sugar are equal to that of drugs.

Above mentioned cycle keeps us going back to the next bottle of coke or pepsi. If you are addicted to carbonated drinks it is never one bottle of coke in a day. It is always couple of cans or bottles of coke/pepsi a day.

Though above sequence of events seems either too much exaggerated or scary it is good to use our common sense and listen to the noise out there against drinks like pepsi and coke.

At-least all of us agree coke / pepsi does not do good for the body. Choose your drink wisely.