Why we Should Teach every Child about Food and Family Food Tradition

Why we Should Teach every Child about Food and Family Food Tradition

Teach about Food to our Kids

Why Is It Important to Teach about Food to our Kids

 Chef Jamie Oliver in his TED speach, Shares his view on Current food crisis quoting "this generration kids will live 10 years less than their parents Generations". This will be the right title for this article but just not to make sensational heading we have changed the title.

Jamie Oliver Quotes many evidence and facts. Statistics of bad health are clear. Look at news paper and television. Whole truth behind number of deaths is never discussed openly.Highest number of deaths are not due to road accidents or murder. Biggest single killer of human lives is food. Diet related diseases is biggest killer. Adulteration in food and spike in intake of processed food and packaged food is at all time high.

All the processed and packaged food is marketed to attract kids and to a large extent these companies are successful in their effort. Statistics of bad health are clear, very clear. We spend our lives being paranoid about death, murder, homicide, you name it; it's on the front page of every paper.

Jamie Oliver tells we are in tipping point moment. Its time to Calls for FOOD REVOLUTION.

Decades ago, most of the food was largely local and largely fresh.

Now it's largely processed and full of all sorts of additives, extra ingredients, and you know the rest of the story.

Portion size is obviously a massive, massive problem.

Labeling is a massive problem. The labeling in this country is a disgrace.

Jamie gives solution to start solving this problem. HOME.


The biggest problem with the home is that used to be the heart of passing on food culture, what made our society. That is not happening anymore.

Life is not the same anymore. We have a busy life but its time we need to step back and address this issue.