Will raw milk make you sick? Should we boil raw milk - Food Investigation

Will raw milk make you sick? Should we boil raw milk - Food Investigation

Drinking raw milk

Who does not like milk, a day does not go by without milk when you are a kid. We remember Milk moustaches after drinking a cup of milk . Parents do adore the milk moustaches on their kids. Milk is universally part of our essential food unless we are allergic to dairy products.

To answer "Will raw milk make you sick?" we need to understand few basics of milk. Production and supply of milk process in India.

Indians living in villages and towns nearby villages buy fresh milk (unpasteurized) directly from farmers or farms. City living people in India buy packet milk (pasteurized).

Milk is an excellent medium for microbial growth, and when stored at ambient temperature bacteria and other pathogens soon proliferate.

Milk is not safe to drink fresh (unpasteurized) as it may contain harmful bacteria which are cause of several diseases. Pasteurized milk is safe when refrigerated below 4 degree Celsius. In India packet milk handling process is not very safe as it may not be refrigerated by vendors and suppliers at right temperatures till we consume. If not refrigerated properly bacteria’s will grow fast.

Verdict is to boil and drink milk to be safe.

Fresh Milk (unpasteurized) - Fresh milk is a good source for nutrients and considered to be good to directly consume in olden days. But raw milk or fresh milk is found to be responsible for major outbreak of food - borne disease. Unpasteurized milk has found to have harmful bacterias like Salmonella, Listeria, Yersinia, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli among others.

Pasteurized Milk - Milk is pasteurized to be free from many harmful bacteria and increase the shelf life. Pasteurized milk is good to consume for 2-3 days when refrigerated and ultra pasteurized milk can be consumed for longer shelf period.

What is Pasteurization

Heating process used to kill most of harmful bacteria which are responsible for spoilage of milk.  This process is achieved by eliminating pathogenic microbes and lowering microbial numbers to prolong the quality of milk or liquid.

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