World Idli Day - Tribute to wholesome good food Idli

World Idli Day - Tribute to wholesome good food Idli

Idli - The Wholesome Good Food

Idli is never out of fashion. Idli is there for all the occasions. You may indulge in exotic cuisines of the world or treat yourself with the piping hot andhra or chettinad cuisines. After few days your craving for this simple plate of Idli, Sambar, Chutney will return.

Surprisingly Idli is one savoury which is neither sweet nor spicy. It is just a plain ball made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils and rice.

Idli is light in stomach and easy to digest. Fermentation process of batter breaks down the starches so that they are more readily metabolized by the body.

World Idli day

This super food Idli deserves recognition for all the good it brings to us. This is one of the few food which deserve to be categorized as tasty and healthy. Across globe (Individual nations or the whole world) many food has it's official day celebrated at a particular day of each year. India celebrates World Samosa Day on 29-Feb.

From the year 2016, every 30th march will be the world Idli day.

WHO (World Health Organization) has recommended Idli as one of the best foods.

Idli is considered to be worlds third most popular staple food. Idli is also recommended by doctors for simple healthy diet.

South India being the most prominent Idli consumers have conducted Idli food festival on 30-march. The prime attraction of food festival is of-course Idli. Many delicious varieties of idli and its benefits were displayed in the festival. Marking this memorable day, special postage stamp was also released in Chennai on 30-03-2016. The event also witnessed cutting of huge 50 kg idli.

Varieties of Idli

World Idli Day - Varietie of Idli

Though recently many varieties of idli are getting popular idli by its own original form is the most popular food. Idli consumed with simple chutney or sambar is considered the best combination. Idli can also be accompanied with "Idli podi" or any other "podi varieties". Idli even tastes good with curd. No other dish will be so versatile to be paired with so many combination of side dish.

  • Masala Idli
  • Kanchipuram Idli
  • Oats Idli
  • Stuffed Idli
  • Ragi Idli
  • Idli Upma
  • Mini Idli
  • Madurai Idli

Innovations in Idli's

Many companies and MNC fast food giants are still struggling to make idli readily available (instant or ready to eat Idli) from super markets.

It is not good for the consumers but the need for innovation is ironically pushed by consumers time strapped lifestyle and mind set to grab anything read to eat.

Large Idli manufactures use technology to make idlis, but it is still not common in many places.

If you are the lazy type or just not perfected idli making yet, you have many restaurants across Chennai to give good idli.

Idli Business

Do not underestimate the power of idli as a business. Good Idlies are a highly profitable business. India does not have good data collection mechanisms to quantify the business value around Idlies.

Below are few successful business around Idli

Murugan Idli restaurant

Idli batter -  ID Special Foods Pvt Ltd.

For sure Idli is one of the most deserving food. we should appreciate for its contribution of our health.